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The music style «Power Metal» completely changed my life, teaching me to love music.
It created in me the need to sing.

After a few years in the high school choir the voice changes of adolescence began, and the choir director told me that I was bass, and that I couldn’t be more than bass, because it was the voice I was born with and no one can change that. Those words frustrated me because my goal was being able to sing like Tony Kakko. But I decided not to give up and follow my dream so I continued attending piano and singing classes.




When I finished high school I found «Jesús Yanes’s artists school» in «CEV». They were 4 years of hard work, a lot of effort and dedication, and I was growing as a singer and as a person. I managed to overcome my limits and I was able to increase my register. I also gained experience on stage with numerous performances and concerts, which helped my vocal and artistic growth.

Throughout my life I have composed many fragments of songs. And while I was finishing my training as a singer I also studied to be able to know the tools that would allow me to compose at a professional level, and in the last years of my vocal training I began to compose my first complete songs, in order to record my first EP.

«My inspiration is that magic that one carries within».


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