Cordia has consolidated its position as one of the leading real estate companies in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our core business is developing and selling prime residential properties in five countries, and we continue to expand steadily. We believe that our successful achievement to date has been the outcome of a number of essential ingredients: our excellent team, our innovative, honest, ethical and responsible approach to the market, our financial strength, our local knowledge, and our international relationships. Our growth is founded on reliability and we are committed to delivering on our tasks and objectives. Being a leading developer for growth markets is the result of our continued hard work of which we are incredibly proud.


Our apartments are more than just harmonious houses

Over the past 19 years, we have completed more than 7,000 homes in Hungary, Romania, and Poland, and we are currently developing another 4,000 units in 19 projects across the region, with a further 11,200 residences under development.

Our properties are more than harmonious homes: they offer an exceptional quality of life and are unique living spaces that fit organically into the location and the surrounding community.

Our properties represent an exceptional investment for sophisticated investors, providing long-term value and comfortable, secure rental returns that exceed the market average.

The Cordia values


We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our business activities and expect the same from our partners. We do not believe that the end justifies the means.


Our creative team finds innovative solutions for our partners in all areas of the real estate market. We are also enthusiastic about responding to our clients’ needs.


We think long-term and act long-term. Our team has been with us for more than a decade, we have shown steadfastness and we have delivered on all our promises even in the worst moments of the financial crisis.


We build long-term relationships, working together with our suppliers, customers and other partners as a strong team with respect and consideration.

Members of Futureal Group

As a member of the Futureal Group, one of the leading international property developers and investors in Central and Eastern Europe, Cordia’s goal is to become the leading housing developer in the region.

The Futureal Group is not only active in residential development, but also in large-scale mixed-use urban renewal projects, office and retail development, redevelopment projects, and commercial property investments, as well as offering structured financing solutions. Since its foundation, Futureal Group’s portfolio has encompassed more than 180 real estate projects, with a total value of EUR 5 billion across 3 million square metres. Currently, the group manages 39 projects simultaneously, with a total value of €1.2 billion and a net area of more than 400,000 square metres.

«Our strategic goal is to become one of the leading real estate developers not only in the CEE region, but throughout Europe. Futureal Group’s track record and structure lead us to take strong and confident steps in each country to properly meet the objectives and expectations of those to whom we owe».

Cordia in Spain

We chose Spain for several reasons:

  • High national and international market demand for quality sustainable housing.
  • Interest in living and investing in Spain from the international market, especially Northern Europe.
  • The return on investment in new homes for sale and for long and short-term rental.
  • Its magnificent infrastructure and connections by air, sea and land inside and outside Spain.
  • The viability of finding mutual agreements with financial and technological entities and professional collaborators within the real estate sector.
  • Access to land in strategic locations that allow us to consolidate projects that offer the solution to the current demand in each area.

The future of Cordia in Spain is a responsible expansion with a short, medium and long-term approach. We analyse and evaluate each project to determine its viability and consolidate Cordia’s continuity in the country.

The Cordia team

Our team of experts are specialists in their profession and in the markets in which we operate. Our extensive knowledge of Spain and its Autonomous Communities allows us to act throughout the territory in the most efficient way and in line with the needs of our clients.

Our human capital is the key to preserving Cordia’s business values throughout all of our projects. We choose our human component both for their professional quality and for the values they promote through their work and daily effort.

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